Most people think that their carpets are clean if there are no visible dirt and stains. This is a common misconception, but carpet cleanings need to be done every 12-18 months. To keep your home’s rugs clean and pristine, you can vacuum them yourself regularly or hire a carpet cleaning company to do the job for you.

Most companies use different carpet cleaning methods that work best for each kind of carpet. As the market is loaded with various options, choosing the best way to clean your carpet is difficult and confusing. Let’s explore each method and weigh the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Common Ways to Clean Your Carpet

It is important to note that there is no “best carpet cleaning method” that suits all types of rugs. Some methods are best in different situations, like removing stubborn stains or cleaning pet hairs. By being familiar with these methods, you will now understand what to expect every time you have your carpet professionally cleaned.

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is the best overall method recommended by carpet manufacturers. Hot water is applied and sprayed on the carpet using a high-pressure wand. Deep carpet cleaning dirt particles from deep within the carpet kills dust mites, bacteria, germs, and other irritants, so your rugs are guaranteed clean inside and out! Since it is a water-based method, you don’t harm your carpet with harsh chemicals that can damage the fibers and cause discoloration.

However, it’s challenging to remove all traces of water after a steam carpet clean. On average, a 3000-square-foot room would take 6 hours or more to wash and dry completely. If you’re planning to use this method, make sure to clean your carpet in the late afternoon so that it can be left to dry overnight.

Carpet shampooing is a tried and tested method in removing stains and grime. As the name implies, the rug will be shampooed and scrubbed with a rotating brush cleaner. A specially formulated shampoo will help loosen and extract dirt particles from the carpet fibers.

One disadvantage of shampooing is that it leaves sticky foam and detergent residues when the extraction isn’t done properly. Since there is no rinsing of carpets, chances are your carpet will lock more dirt and re-soil quicker.

Dry carpet cleaning involves dry absorbent compounds and detergents to get rid of dirt from the carpet. This cleaning method requires little to no moisture application and zero drying times. Low-moisture cleaning solutions are usually preferred for offices and commercial spaces to avoid workplace disruption.

Despite its pros, dry carpet cleaning can cause residue buildup that triggers allergic reactions or breathing difficulties. The chemicals used are usually harsh, so proper ventilation is required during and after the procedure.

Foam carpet cleaning or encapsulation is like a dry cleaning method because it does not require much moisture to clean carpets. As the specialty foam is applied to the carpet fibers, the foam traps the dirt and debris and brings all grime and soil to the carpet’s surface. The next step involves steam extraction to remove loose soil effectively.

Carpets stay cleaner for longer due to well-formulated encapsulation detergents that break the bond between dirt and the carpet fibers. This method does not require long drying times and leaves no residue and stickiness on the surface. Foam cleaning is best suited for commercial applications since it can produce incredible results with minimal downtime.

Bonnet or spin carpet cleaning uses a rotary dry cotton bonnet with a cleaning pad to buff the area and remove debris from the surface. This method is very quick, affordable, and ideal for spot cleaning and treatments.

But if you are looking for deep cleaning, this one’s not the right method for you. Bonnet cleaning is only an interim cleaning, which only removes surface dirt and grinds the soil further into the carpet’s fibers. In fact, the rotating absorbent bonnet can only clean about one-third of the entire surface.

How to Keep Carpets Clean and Fresh

While professional carpet cleaning is required to remove trapped dirt and debris, regular vacuuming and cleaning can still be helpful. On average, carpet costs $9 to $180 per square yard, making it a true investment that adds value to your home. You can keep this investment worthwhile by trying these effective, simple, and easy-to-follow carpet cleaning hacks:

  • In removing stains, avoid using chemical cleaners that will cause yellow discoloration. Always remember to buy carpet cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable to prolong your carpet’s lifespan, ensure healthy cleaning, and keep your family safe.
  • Be sure to blot stains, not rub. When you spill something on your carpet, use a paper towel to dab and blot the excess liquid. This way, you will not spread the spot and damage the fibers.
  • If you have a pet, regularly trim their nails and claws to avoid pulling on carpet threads and fibers. You may also fix carpet snags and loosened threads to bring your carpets back to life.
  • Vacuum often and at the right speed to remove as much dirt as possible. You can try vacuuming entrance areas and high-traffic areas once a week to avoid soil buildup.

Your vacuum can only do so much, so make sure to reach out to the experts for professional carpet cleaning services. Let the professionals like the Carpet Cleaning Pros of Lancaster take care of the rest!