Nothing is more frustrating than carpet stains that keep coming back. If you’re wondering what causes recurring carpet stains and odors, you have come to the right place! Here at Carpet Cleaning Pros of Lancaster, we will break down the reasons for the stain reappearance. Read on to learn more:

What Causes Carpet Re-Spotting?

Any substance or liquid that spills on your carpet may have penetrated its fibers and even the underlay. When you only use a stain remover or detergent, there are chances that the stain will come back to the surface as the carpet dries out. If not completely rinsed and blotted, the stain will always resurface despite your best efforts to remove them. Types of fibers like nylon are more prone to staining, so it is recommended to apply stain treatment as a precautionary measure.

Types of Carpet Stains


A soiled spot on the carpet looks like a stain but is not always due to a spill. Soiling is the result of a leftover detergent that attracts dirt particles. The soapy residue left behind becomes sticky and begins to accumulate dirt, debris, and soil in the same spot.

During the carpet cleaning process, make sure the surfaces are rinsed properly to prevent them from being dirt magnets. You can turn to a professional carpet cleaner if you are not familiar with effective cleaning techniques and practices.


This is caused by the soil trapped in the subflooring or underpad. The dirt will then move to the carpet fibers and lead to deep staining. When you clean the visible dirt on the carpet’s surface, the trapped soils can still make their way up the fiber strands again. The deeper the stain, the more likely it will come back.

The excess moisture can also be trapped deep in your floor, which will cause stubborn stains. As the stain begins to dry, it can wick up to the carpet fibers and show up as a spot.

How Do I Prevent Carpet Soiling and Wicking?

Act Quickly

So how can you get rid of the stain for good? It all depends on the severity of the spill and your quick response to the issue. One of the most effective ways to prevent reappearing stains is to treat spills as quickly as possible. 

When you act quickly and treat them immediately, you prevent the spill from soaking deep into the fibers. Keep in mind that you need to blot the spill and not rub it. Simply dab with any clean cloth or white paper towels. This will help absorb the spill and prevent the stains from happening in the first place.

For better results, place a stack of paper towels over the spot and put weighted objects or books to help secure it to the moist area. Pour a small amount of lukewarm water and blot the excess liquid again. After this, sprinkle on absorbent powder before using a mild detergent solution to clean the stain.

Minimize Dust Inside Your Home

Regular vacuuming can help a lot in minimizing dust and dirt from going into your carpet fibers. If you’ve noticed grimy black edges and discoloration of your carpet, it’s now time to reduce the pollutants inside. Some of the precautions you can take are the following:

  • Stop smoking indoors.
  • Always wear socks or indoor slippers.
  • Keep your HVAC systems clean.
  • Eliminate door and window gaps.

Remove Recurring Carpet Odors Too

If you have dogs or cats at home, you might also encounter recurring carpet odors. This happens a lot when pet urine becomes untreated and penetrates the carpet fibers. As a pet owner, you need to know the importance of cleaning the affected area. The longer pet urine sits on the surfaces, the harder it will be to remove them. 

Use ready-made carpet cleaners or pet odor neutralizers to eliminate the odor and keep your carpets smelling fresh again. As much as possible, avoid cleaning products with strong chemicals that will reinforce the pet urine smell.

Take Drastic Measures

Did you try the suggested solutions, but the carpet stain is still reoccurring? Then it may be time for some more drastic measures. You might need to call on the help of a professional carpet cleaner to get rid of the stains completely. They have powerful carpet cleaning equipment that can extract moisture and clean even the deepest stains.

Trust the Carpet Cleaning Experts in Lancaster, PA

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