Since carpets are placed on the floor, they will eventually start to show signs of dirt, stains, and damage. Over time, carpet fibers catch dust mites, pet hair, dust particles, and allergens that fall to the floor. These pollutants will soon contaminate the indoor air quality and cause harm to people.

The best way to remove this dirt and debris is through professional carpet cleaning services. However, some homeowners believe myths and baseless claims that float around about carpet cleaning and carpets in general. Let us help you break the most common carpet cleaning misconceptions so that you can maintain your carpets effectively:

“My new carpet doesn’t need to be cleaned.”

To keep your carpet looking brand new, you need to start early. You don’t need to hold off cleaning your carpet because waiting longer will make the cleaning process more difficult. Every time someone steps on your carpet, all the dirt and minuscule particles go into it deeper, the longer you wait. It’s always best to have it cleaned once or twice a year to avoid debris and allergens from settling on its surface.

“If I vacuum frequently, my carpet will wear out faster.”

With ever-evolving technology, carpet manufacturers have created stronger and more durable carpet fibers to withstand frequent vacuuming. Even if you vacuum your carpets regularly, they will be able to hold up to lots of cleanings. Just use a fully operational vacuum cleaner that is not too aggressive for everyday use.

“All carpet cleaning methods are equally good and effective.”

While the sky’s the limit when it comes to carpet cleaning methods, not all techniques are safe and equally effective. Different carpet cleaning techniques are designed for different surfaces and carpet types. To name a few, companies offer hot water extraction or steam cleaning, carpet shampooing, bonnet cleaning, and foam carpet cleaning. 

One method will not be enough to remove permanent carpet stains and odors. Your carpet may even suffer if you’ve used the wrong equipment or cleaning solution.

“Steam cleaning causes mildew growth.”

This method involves the application of hot steam rather than water. When hot water extraction is done by a professional, your carpet can be dried quickly, so there will be no moisture left. Carpet cleaning experts know how to operate their industry-grade equipment properly to avoid saturation and extract every last drop possible from the surface.

“Baking soda and DIY solutions are as effective as professional cleaning products.”

Carpet deodorant, baking soda, and other household cleaners are short-term solutions to get rid of the bad odor in your carpets. In fact, baking soda will only temporarily mask unpleasant odors, and it might even get stuck in the fibers. One of the best ways to remove the bad smell is by having your carpets deep cleaned by a professional.

“If my carpet doesn’t look dirty, it’s clean.”

Just because your carpets do not have visible dirt or stains, it doesn’t mean that they do not require cleaning. Without regular vacuuming and cleaning, the particles and grime will settle in the fibers. Your carpets can be surprisingly deceptive—they may look good, but they are filled with dirt, pollen, dust, fungi, bacteria, and all other types of pollutants. Regardless of how clean it looks, always make a mental note to schedule a regular cleaning schedule to keep it in its tip top condition.

“I’ll choose the cheapest carpet cleaning services.”

The lowest prices don’t always mean you are getting the best value. In the carpet cleaning industry, you will stumble across companies that offer unrealistically cheap services to trick you into hiring them. Be wary of these companies because most of them are not legitimate. Do your research before getting involved with them, and remember to make an informed choice to ensure the best results for your carpets!

“All carpet cleaning companies are the same.”

In hiring a reliable carpet cleaning company, you need to look at their licenses, credentials, and reputation in the industry. It is always beneficial to have your carpets cleaned using the best equipment and cleaning solutions. When you choose a professional and fully-trained team for the job, you can be sure that your carpets are completely cleaned and no re-soiling residue is left behind.


If there is one thing that is not a myth, that is your carpets need to be cleaned by an expert. These are considered your assets that should be maintained and well taken care of. Let Carpet Cleaning Pros of Lancaster keep your carpets in the best possible condition with our tried and tested cleaning techniques. Call us to schedule a consultation!