Did you know that carpets may hold up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch? This happens because they catch and retain all the dirt, dust mites, and many other allergens from our shoes and the air. These contaminants cling to the fibers and become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

A carpet that isn’t cleaned regularly will make you and your family sick. Even if your carpets appear clean, there will still be harmful allergens beneath the surface. The longer you allow your carpets to go uncleaned, the more health risks you face. Below is a list of health issues caused by dirty carpets:

Respiratory Issues

The allergens and harmful compounds found in carpets can reduce indoor air quality and lead to respiratory issues. If you feel stuffy or have difficulty breathing while at home, the problem might be due to the greasy residue and dirt in your rugs and carpeting. Mold in dirty carpets produce mycotoxins that make the air unsafe for people to breathe. 

When inhaled, these tiny particles become airborne and can cause flu-like symptoms, asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems. You might experience coughing, runny nose, and other similar reactions. Keep in mind that the longer you are exposed to these airborne toxins, the greater the chance of harm. This is why it’s best to call up the carpet cleaner regularly to avoid these problems.


If you are already suffering from allergies, the dirt buildup in the carpets can make them worse. Your allergy-like symptoms can flare up like sneezing and itching. Vacuum the carpets and other upholstery at least once or twice a week to get rid of dust. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that traps dust-mite particles and pollen rather than sending allergens back into the air.

Pet Germs

Having pets at home means you can expect pet urine stains and odors on carpets and rugs. Many pathogens in pet waste are harmful to humans and even pets. Since your furry friends play outside, they carry certain bacteria and parasites that can cause illness when transmitted to humans. 

For this reason, pet owners need to hire professional carpet cleaners to make surfaces look and smell fresh. Regular cleaning and maintenance will also prevent fleas, mites, and ticks from accumulating.

Skin Rashes

Your filthy carpets become a host of microbes and dust mites that can cause itching, athlete’s foot, eczema, and skin irritation. Common symptoms include itchiness, redness, and swelling of the skin for severe cases.

Vacuuming is not enough – you need a deep cleaning service at least twice a year to prevent diseases and protect the skin. In addition, you may run a dehumidifier for good air indoor circulation.

Weakened Immune System

Dirty carpets add up to having an unclean environment. When you are constantly exposed to a filthy environment, your immune system is always fighting off unwanted germs and toxins to keep your body in shape. This will cause your immune system to work twice as hard and experience stress. The next thing you know, you already encounter different health problems such as stomach infections, allergies, and more.

Stress and Mental Anguish

Your mental state and well-being may also be affected when you are exposed to unclean environments. You might experience higher stress levels that can contribute to a weakened immune system over time. Dealing with flea infestation and illnesses caused by dirty carpets is no easy feat. Make sure that you are safe in your own home through regular carpet cleaning.

How To Protect Yourself Against These Health Risks?

These health hazards can be prevented with the help of a professional like Carpet Cleaning Pros of Lancaster. Different methods like deep cleaning can remove disease-causing germs and contaminants. To keep your family safe, have your carpets cleaned professionally every 12 to 18 months. Schedule an appointment with our carpet experts today!