Upholster Cleaning Services

upholstery cleaning services

If you have ever purchased a beautiful set of upholstered furniture only to have it turn dingy after a few years of use, you know how vital upholstery cleaning is. Fortunately for residents of Lancaster, PA, professional upholstery cleaning services are within reach. We can quickly restore your favorite pieces of furniture to their former glory, so you can get back to enjoying them as the centerpiece of your home.

The Cleaning Process
Upholstery traps dirt, contaminants, and other debris that can dull fibers and decrease the furniture’s lifespan. Residents of Lancaster, PA, are in luck, as we have a stunning reputation for a reason. We offer high-quality upholstery cleaning services that are affordable, accessible, and fast. We tailor our cleaning methods to each job, making sure you are left with a crisp, clean piece of furniture when we are finished.

Cleaning Methods
Upholstery is not like most standard fabrics. Instead, it is made from several types of natural and synthetic materials that require a specialized approach to cleaning. We make sure to test each piece of fabric to determine its content ahead of time. This way, we never risk damaging a piece of furniture that is unsafe to clean.

The most common upholstery fabrics are microfiber, polyester, cotton, wool, linen, and leather. Once we determine the best way to clean the fabric on your furniture, we will spot treat any tough stains. Next, we use our high-quality upholstery cleaning machine to inject hot water and cleaning solution deep into the fabric.

As the machine injects hot water, it also extracts it, taking any dirt, contaminants, and grime with it. After this is finished, we will inspect the furniture piece to make sure it meets our high standards. After a few hours, the upholstery will be dry and look good as new.

Deep Cleaning
We have state-of-the-art upholstery cleaning tools, solutions, and equipment that provide the deepest clean possible. After we are finished, the furniture should look like the day it was purchased. It is important to have upholstery cleaned before it begins to show signs of aging, such as the furniture’s arms being dingier than the rest of the piece.

If you have unpleasant smells from spills or pets, our professional upholstery cleaning services can help. We do not just cover up the old smells with perfumes, but we use specialized cleaners that neutralize odors from kids, pets, and other unpleasant sources.

Most people want to know how to maintain their piece of furniture after it has been professionally cleaned. This can be done by vacuuming it periodically using a high-quality upholstery attachment. Doing this prevents dirt, hair, and other debris from becoming lodged in the upholstery fibers.

Though it is tempting, you should never clean upholstery on your own. Doing so could result in significant damage or water stains on your prized piece of furniture. The best way to protect it and keep it in good condition for years is to regularly have it cleaned by a professional. 

The Bottom Line
Residents of Lancaster, PA, don’t have to deal with dirty, lifeless furniture. Call us today for a free estimate on our upholstery cleaning services.

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