Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Lancaster, PA

commercial carpet cleaning in Lancaster

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Hallways, offices, hotel rooms, conference areas, and more are most commonly built with carpet as the top flooring option. It is available in any size, shape, color, and style a person wants and can be the commercial space’s defining feature. Not only is it important visually, but carpet also filters the air in a room.

Over time, carpets can collect dirt, allergen, and debris that causes it to become discolored. Business owners of Lancaster, PA, can protect their investment by hiring us to clean the carpet in their commercial space professionally. We use only the highest quality products combined with state-of-the-art cleaning methods to restore, preserve, and protect the life of any carpet.

Benefits of Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Having a carpet cleaned professionally can restore life to the carpet of high-traffic areas. Some of the benefits of professional commercial carpet cleaning include:

Stain Removal
With heavy foot traffic areas comes the potential for stains from spills and other things tracked onto the carpet. Our high-quality commercial carpet cleaning service can remove stains and get a carpet looking brand new again.

Carpet fibers trap dirt, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants with which it comes in contact. As people pass through the area, they can inadvertently spread them to different places by walking on the carpet. Having a carpet cleaned regularly helps reduce these contaminants’ spread and limit health risks to the people who visit the business.

Improve Appearance
Our commercial carpet cleaning services can restore a carpet to its original color and texture. The carpet will once again have a uniform appearance, as the effects of high-traffic wear and tear are significantly reduced.

Extend Lifespan
Commercial carpeting takes much more damage than the average carpet in a home. Because of this increased damage, these carpets often need to be replaced more frequently. However, our commercial carpet cleaning service can extend a carpet’s lifespan, protecting the business owner’s investment and limiting the cost of carpet replacement.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process
The best way to ensure a carpet stays clean and lasts for a long time is to have it professionally cleaned regularly. Using our advanced commercial carpet cleaning techniques, we can help maintain a carpet’s like-new appearance. To do this, we follow a carpet cleaning process that includes the following:

The first step we take is to inspect the carpet for severe stains or problem areas. A technician will note anything that can’t be cleaned and help business owners understand what to expect.

The next step is to vacuum the carpet with a specialized high-power vacuum thoroughly. This machine will remove any loose contaminants and bonded dry soil.

Before starting the main carpet cleaning, we will spot treat any areas with tough stains. We will also use a conditioning agent to loosen any residual dirt in high-traffic areas.

Hot Water Extraction
Once the pretreatment is complete, we will use specialized carpet cleaning solutions with a hot water extractor on the entire carpet. This will deeply wash and rinse out any remaining dirt. Once finished, air movers may be used to speed the drying process.

The Bottom Line
Our commercial carpet cleaning services have a track record of high-quality results in Lancaster, PA. Call us now for more information and to get a quote today. 

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